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Hula Hoop Classes

Spring 2014

Exploring the art and flow of the hoop

For centuries, various cultures have understood the ways in which movement and form can make way for mystical experience. The hoop is an ancient symbol of community, and connectivity within each of us individually, the human community, and the larger Earth Community.

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Spirit Hoopers

This is a performance based class. The Spirit Hoopers class is only for those children who are serious about wanting to perform and can make a commitment to show-up to classes. A minimum of one year of hoop classes or similar experience and permission from instructors required. We will be gearing this class towards performing at shows and events in which we can raise money for charity. We will also be crafting costumes, hoops and working on choreography. Ages 8 and up with experience.

Wednesdays at the Breathing Room Center, Frelinghuysen

Adult Hoop Dance Class

Hoop Dance is a fun, exciting and creative way to burn calories.. up to 1,000 per hour! We will teach you how to utilize the hula hoop as a tool for exercise, dance, and self-expression. According to the American Council on Exercise, "hooping should beconsidered a total-body workout that has the potential to improve your flexibility and balance while strengthening and toning the muscles of the back, abdomen, arms and legs. The rhythmic nature of hooping may also be relaxing and almost meditative for some.”

Mondays at 1 Church St., Sussex
Sparta Class TBD

Hoop Skills Beginner/Mixed Level

This class is for children ages 7 and up. It is mixed level and ages. This is an excellent class for beginners. You could spend several years in this class learning a variety of hoop tricks, and practices. Your child will be in an awesome class that promotes skill sharing, community and working together. They will also leave class with some awesome hoop skills. One, two and multi hoops will be used. We will meet your child at the level they are at and help them to achieve their hoop goals. Hoops provided ( a handmade hoop may be purchased at anytime).

Mondays at 1 Church St., Sussex
Wednesdays at the Breathing Room Center, Frelinghuysen
Sparta Class TBD

Private Classes

We offer private classes for individuals or small groups. Whether you are looking to focus on one particular skill or are planning a performance. We can help. Contact us for details. info@whirledrevolution.org

Adult Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops periodically. We can also tailor any workshop to fit your needs. Contact info@whirledrevolution.org for info.

Intro to the Hoop

Hoop dance is also a fun, exciting way to get a whole body work out.You will learn how to utilize the hoop as a tool for exercise, dance, and self-expression.
This class is especially good for beginners or anyone looking to enhance their life with fun, creative movement, weight-loss, or learning something new.
You will also learn many new, amazing hula hoop tricks.
Check out the Hooping & Health page for more info on the benefits of hula hooping.

Twin Hoops

Adding a second hoop to your practice can add a new dimension to your hoop dance.
In this fun and challenging workshop, you will learn how to work both sides of your brain and body.
We will be incorporating both on and off the body moves.
Experience with one hoop and knowledge of basic hoop tricks preferred.

Jumps and Off the Body Tricks

Take your hooping to another level. This workshop will focus on bringing awareness to how the hoop can be used off the waist. We will explore tricks and techniques including several different types of jumps, arm, hand, and elbow moves, and body rolls.

Basic experience with the hoop preferred however beginners are not discouraged. Come ready to learn!!

Hoop Making Workshop

Learn how to make and awesome hoop that is perfect for you!!!
Choose your own size color, etc.
Leave this workshop with the ability to tailor make a hoop for anyone!
Perfect for Holiday gifts!!
Pre registration required.

For info or to register for any class contact  info@whirledrevolution.org
or call Jessikah at 973-919-8173.

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